Why Carbs Are Not Necessary On The HCG Diet

In the world of nutrition and dieting we are constantly told that carbohydrates are necessary for energy. That without carbs we are not getting a well-rounded diet, so why is it that in Dr. Simeons protocol he states that the only necessary items to eat even if you are not hungry is the protein. As long as you get that in it will suffice. So why is that if not getting carbs is so bad for you?

The truth of the matter is that there is not a single function in our body that requires carbohydrates to run. Protein yes and fats yes but carbohydrates no. Some may argue that carbs are necessary for energy or glucose in the body but after the body is done using the proteins and fats it needs for bodily functions it actually changes that into glucose. What happens if you have an excess of protein and fats processing into glucose and the carbs that process into glucose? You know have way too much and it is going to slow down weight loss dramatically. Now that is not to say that you NEED to start eating carbs. It simply explains why it is not necessary and can be removed from the diet in the event that you are not hungry.

Still don’t believe me that it is not unhealthy to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet or HCG protocol? Consider this; when patients qualify and undergo gastric bypass surgery all that is done is a band is placed around the stomach to eliminate the amount of food that can be eaten and digested. The first thing doctors say when patients complain about not being hungry or wanting to eat is, to make sure they are eating all there protein and not to worry about the other foods. If carbs were so necessary to the function of the body and we absolutely needed them would the doctor not say make sure you get a little of everything?

Removing the carbs is not necessary with the HCG diet and but also will not hurt you. This is a decision that is left completely up to you to make via Dr. Simeons so the best advice I can give is make sure you do what is best for you mentally and physically to be successful.

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