Tracking your Weight Loss

As with a diet plan that is to be successful, there are always tips that will help your progress and show you the results that might not be as noticeable.   Of course, keeping track of weight loss is essential and obvious.  Another example is a food journal.  Most of us know what a food journal is and what it is used for.  Keeping track of your intake of food and calories can help determine if you are following your weight loss plan and what foods might not work as well as others for you personally.  Keeping track of the inches you have lost is not as common, but is just as important.

Of course, you are asking why it is so important to keep track of inches since most of us will see it as our clothes get bigger and bigger.  The bottom line is that knowing body fat is just as important as weight loss and sometimes the loss of inches shows up before the loss of pounds while dieting.  A scale does not always show the whole story.  While on the HCG diet your body is making small changes every day and that doesn’t always reflect on the scale. If this is the case, how would you know, therefore, opening the way to discouragement.  Having a new way to track those changes is essential to let you know you are making progress in more than just weight loss.

Tracking your measurements does not require any fancy or expensive equipment and it can be done by anyone, including yourself.   The use of measuring certain areas on your body lets you know where you are losing fat since each person loses in areas differently.  Losing fat is as essential to a healthy body as losing weight.  Also keeping track of your measurements will reassure you that your body is changing for the better even if it isn’t showing on the scale.  Remember, everyone is different and whether you lose more inches or more weight will depend how much you have to lose.  If you are a large person and have a great amount of weight to lose, you most likely lose mostly weight, while a smaller person will lose more inches then pounds.  Either way, you are moving forward in your goal to become healthy.

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