Side effects of HCG

It is common to have questions about the side effects that could possibly happen with HCG diet.  It seems to be a weight loss program that is to good be true.  It has proven been proven to be successful and a reliable source for weight loss.  While there are no know side effects from taking the HCG drops, there are side effects that happen because of the change in diet.  The food diet that accompanies the HCG drops is a drastic change to what people are accustomed to.  The choices of foods are specialized and limited to a small list of meats, vegetables, fruits, and starches, while eliminating sugar and oil.

  1. Headaches are very common the first few days of the diet.  The radical change in diet is the main cause. The first few days of the HGC diet are spent gorging on food.  Usually this is done by eating a lot carbs.  The brain likes carbs; it is a quick and simple energy source. Proteins and fats do not convert as easily. If your body is used to a lot of carbs, then Headaches might be more severe. Try eating more fats then carbs on the two day gorge, then the elimination of carbs will not be as dramatic to your body.   Headaches can be caused due to a withdrawal of sugar or caffeine.  The lower calorie intake or not eating enough can also trigger a headache.  The more dramatic the change, the more withdrawal your body needs to go through.  Think of it as a detox or cleansing for your body.  It usually only lasts a few days.  While it is better not to take your usual over-the-counter medicine while on the HCG diet if it can be avoided, the option is there to alleviate a bad headache.
  2. Loss of energy and fatigue are also common.  HCG basically uses the fatty acids for muscle activity.  This causes a decrease in glucose which is usually available to supply instant energy to your brain and muscles.  This will give the feeling of being tired.  Of course, the low calorie diet attributes to this.  Taking a vitamin B-12 supplement is recommended.
  3. Being hungry is also a side effect.  Let’s face it; if you are trying to lose weight then you have probably been eating well over the 1500 – 2000 recommended daily calorie allowance.  Now you are required to follow a 500 calorie a day protocol.   Also, whether we are on a diet or not, sometimes being hunger is part of our natural body cycle and some days we are hungrier than others.  Also, skipping a meal can cause hunger and is not advised while on the HCG diet.  Here are a few quick remedies to try.  Drinking water is always good.  Sometimes we aren’t really thirsty not hungry.  Drinking some diet tea is helpful, being made of water it acts like and will suppress your appetite.  Eat extra protein or fiber in your meals.  Eat some vegetables.  These are small but helpful hints.  Just remember to stick with protocol.

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